Driving schools proposed to limit novice drivers to driving at night

Union of driving schools of Moscow has prepared proposals for changing the order of training of the future drivers, in particular, in advocating the introduction of a two-year probationary period for newcomers and a number of other restrictions. About it write on Tuesday, 28 February, “Izvestiya”.

Initiatives as the Chairman of the Union Alexander Achkasov, it is planned to discuss at the meeting with the head of traffic police Victor Nilavum, which will be held in early March. In addition to the temporary driving permit driving school offer to introduce beginners to the limitations of high-speed mode, the carriage of passengers, riding in the dark and on motorways.

In addition, drivers are offered be required to carry a medical certificate that must be presented on demand of an inspector.

“Restrictions should… to respond to security considerations, to be reasonably justified, understandable for a novice driver and can be easily controlled. Also needed a mechanism for the exchange of a temporary driving permit for permanent with an accepted novice driver violations — according to their degree of danger to others,” said Achkasov.

Offers the Union of driving schools to change and training programs for future drivers as well as the order of the exams. In particular, it is planned to acquaint students with typical emergency situations and ways of their prevention. When taking the driving test, according to the authors of the initiative, will primarily be to test the student’s ability to promptly detect the danger on the road, choose the right speed limit and “create a safe space around your car.”

According to “Izvestia”, if Viktor Nilov will support the initiative of driving school, preparation for amendment of the regulations will begin soon and could be completed before the end of this year.

In October, the chief psychiatrist of Ministry of health Zurab Kekelidze has proposed to increase the age for obtaining a driving license from 18 to 21 years, explaining his initiative that the young people have no sense of danger. In the same month, the traffic police told about the plans of introducing a psychological test for motorists similar to the German “dough nuts”.

In September in the state Duma introduced a bill providing for the introduction of new categories of rights for citizens from 16 to 18 years.

Under current rules, a Russian citizen may obtain a driver’s license for driving a car and a motorcycle, 18 years after passing the theoretical and practical parts of a driving test.