Historian questioned the high level of Soviet education

Allegations that schools in the USSR was the best in the world, have nothing to do with reality. About it “lente.ru” said the historian of Russian education, the employee of Research library of Moscow state University Alexei Lubin, commenting on the initiative to return to the Soviet school teaching methods.

“If the opinion of the superiority of Soviet education was anything close to reality, it is logical to assume that the countries of the West was to host educational reform following the example of the Soviet Union,” said Lubin.

None of the European States, according to the scientist, the education officials were not going to adopt the Soviet model, because I valued them low.

He also questioned the statements of some public figures that the Soviet higher education inherited the traditions of the educational system of the Russian Empire. “Soviet education — a complete antithesis of the Imperial, said Lubin. — Before revolution in Russia there were many types of schools: classical high school, a theological Seminary, a real school, cadet corps, and so on. Was “its” school for all abilities”.

After 1917, according to the historian, instead of diversity began to take root a single type of school. There was a system of education common to all secondary education. “The quality of training graduate of a Soviet high school meet the graduate of the Imperial higher primary school whose diploma does not give access to universities” — summed up the expert.

Teachers from Ekaterinburg through the Association of parents ‘ committees appealed to the President, the Minister of education, the head of Rosobrnadzor and the children’s Ombudsman with the request to support the project “Russian classical school.” The initiative, in particular, involves the reissue of the Soviet textbooks, the return to classic Soviet methodology of teaching and writing lessons with quill pens in elementary school.