The NYT learned of the intentions trump to dramatically increase defense spending

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump will require Federal agencies to budget for the next fiscal year so that it was possible to dramatically increase defense spending. On Sunday, February 26, reported the electronic version of the newspaper The New York Times, citing four senior source.

However, the head of the White house involves tens of billions of dollars to cut funding for such government agencies as the state Department and the Agency for environmental protection. However, the changes should not touch the funding of programs of preferential social security and Medicare health insurance.

In the new administration the US budget is calculated from the 2.4 percent GDP growth in 2017. The publication notes that officials in the first year of his presidency trump not hope to achieve the promised level of 3 percent.

Earlier, trump called himself a fan of NATO, criticizing other members of the Alliance because they “don’t pay the bills”.”We are in battle, which no longer help us. We are in a battle in which other people behave unfairly. I’m a fan of NATO, but a NATO country, many of those countries that we protect the very rich countries do not pay their bills,” said he, speaking to supporters in Florida.