The candidate on a post of the Minister of the Navy resigned

The candidate on a post of the Minister of the Navy resigned

Philip Bilden was the second candidate Donald trump, who gave up Ministerial positions in the Pentagon.

WASHINGTON, February 27. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. A retired officer of US military intelligence, the businessman and investor Philip Bilden refused the post of Minister of the Navy of the United States. This is stated in the statement of the head of the Pentagon James Mattis.

“Philip Bilden told me that he came to the difficult decision to resign from his position of Secretary of the Navy”, — stated in the message.

The defense Minister emphasized that such step of Bilden associated with a possible conflict of interest in his new post

Sam Mattis supported the appointment of Belden for this position. The US President Donald trump has nominated businessman to the post of Secretary of the Navy at the end of January.

Then the President called it “very successful businessman” who possesses the strategic vision and will be able to improve discipline in the assigned Department. Administration officials noted that Belden also well versed in the problems of the Asian region and issues of cybersecurity.

Thus, he was the second candidate trump, who gave up Ministerial positions in the Pentagon

In early February, the billionaire investor Vincent viola rejected the offer to occupy the post of Secretary of the Army (land forces) of the United States in the new Washington administration because of the potential for conflicts of private and public interests. Mattis said on Sunday that in the near future will present to Trump two new candidates for the posts of Ministers of the Navy and the Army.

The Department of the Navy is part of defence Department of the USA. The head of the Ministry is responsible, in particular, for the logistical support of the U.S. Navy, as well as for human and financial resources available to them. Ministers, air force, Navy and land forces of the United States are not members of the presidential Cabinet.