Poroshenko is shelling the Donbass, in order to attract attention trump

Associate Professor, Department of political science of the financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Gevorg mirzayan linked the worsening situation in the Donbas with the attempts of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to attract the attention of the U.S. President Donald trump. This analyst said in the program “Political Thriller” on the TV channel “Star”.


“Pyotr Alekseevich (Poroshenko – approx. edition) (US President Donald trump – approx. ed.) have set up now, when provocations in the Donbass, to attract attention trump. Peter A. actually trump blackmailed, as they say in the famous song “call me, Call”,” – said the analyst.


At the beginning of 2017, the situation in the breakaway DNI and LC has deteriorated. APU seized the Donetsk filter station, leaving the inhabitants of nearby settlements without water, and began firing from the position.

Photo: Maxym Marusenko / Globallookpress