In Britain, died, “the Father of the house of Commons”

In the UK, on 87-m to year of life died the oldest member of the house of Commons, sir Gerald Kaufman. On Monday, 27 February, reports BBC News.

According to one of relatives, a politician for several months, “suffered from a chronic disease”. “However, despite his illness, he was focused on work and the welfare of his constituency ( … ), He has dedicated his life to the service of those who believed that the labour government and the labour values contribute to the prosperity”, — told in the family of Kaufman.

Kaufman was elected to the House of Commons from the labour party in 1970. The leader of the British labour MP Jeremy Corbyn called policy of “iconic figure”.

According to BBC News, sir Gerald Kaufman, the longest he held the post of member of the British Parliament, for which he was nicknamed “Father of the house of Commons”.