Kiribati refused to allow Russian millionaire in the revival of the Romanov Empire

The government of the Pacific Republic of Kiribati was denied a Russian millionaire, a former state Duma Deputy from the Monarchist party of Russia Anton Bakova in the lease and temporary transfer of sovereign rights on the three Islands of the archipelago of Kiribati, where a businessman had intended to revive the Empire of the Romanovs. About it reports Radio New Zealand.

According to the station, the reason for the refusal was the findings of a special Commission on foreign investment, which, after examining the proposal of the Russians, not approved it.

Commenting on the decision of the Republic, a former member of the government of the Kingdom of Tonga Sitiveni, Halapua congratulated Kiribati with the rejection of the proposal Bakova. He pointed out that the country desperately needs foreign investment, but despite this, he defends his principles, reports BBC News.

Earlier in February it became known that Tanks are negotiating with the authorities of the Republic of Kiribati for the hire of three uninhabited Islands. On these lands the millionaire was planning to revive the Empire of the Romanovs.

On leased land Tanks were going to build airports, seaports, solar power plants, hospitals, schools and even the University of the Russian Empire. The main economic objects planned to make “environmentally friendly hotels and factories for fish processing”.

The Russian Empire existed until the February revolution of 1917. In March of that year, Emperor Nicholas II Romanov abdicated. His family was shot on the night of 17 July 1918 in the Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg by order of the Ural Soviet of workers’, peasants ‘and soldiers’ deputies.