The young man fell into a coma after ski is tied to the machine “cheesecake”

A resident of the Kirov district of the Leningrad region in a coma after skiing on the “cheesecake”. On Sunday, February 26, reports the website

According to the information portal, the incident occurred on the eve of horticulture “Mayak”. 19-year-old young man riding on the tubing attached to the car. At some point he flew into the oncoming lane and fell under the wheels of a passing car Peugeot.

Before losing consciousness, the young man managed to call the name and age. In the district hospital he was taken to a coma.

In early February it was reported about the death of Nizhny Novgorod female students ride on the “cheesecake”. During the descent from the slope, she and her friend crashed into a tree. The girl died on the spot. Her 21-year-old friend was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury.

A similar incident in the same month occurred in the Noginsk district of Moscow region. Seven-year-old boy died from hitting his head during the descent from the icy hill for tubing.