The car drove into a crowd of people in the South-East of London

In South-East London the car crashed into the fence, pre-rammed crowd of pedestrians. According to The Telegraph, the incident occurred on Sunday, February 26, in the heart of Bellingham.

The accident injured five people, all of them hospitalized. Twitter account @Kent_999s, which publishes information on the state of emergency in the city said that three injured (two men and a woman) are in critical condition.

Daily Star notes that was driving the man arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. According to @Kent_999s, the driver was drunk.

Kent 999s (@Kent_999s)
On 26 February 2017, 11:12

On 25 February, a similar incident occurred in the German city of Heidelberg. The driver of the car had run into a group of pedestrians, injuring three people. The man tried to flee the scene, but was detained by the police. According to preliminary data, the incident is not a terrorist attack.