Russian foreign Ministry condemns terrorist attack in HOMS and urged to punish those responsible

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

Moscow strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in HOMS. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of foreign Affairs released on Sunday, February 26. The text of the message published on the website of the Department.

“Such acts should receive a strict rating, and their customers, the organizers and sponsors to incur the deserved punishment”, — is spoken in the message.

The foreign Ministry also stressed that we cannot allow terrorists to disrupt the plans of the international community for a ceasefire in Syria and promote a political settlement.

25 February in HOMS, which is under the control of government troops, was made a double attack. Suicide bombers (according to various estimates, from two to six people) was blown up near the military institutions. The victims were, at last count, at least 34 people. The responsibility assumed, “Heat Tahrir al-sham” — a unit grouping “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia).