De Mistura considered a terrorist attack in HOMS, an attempt to derail peace talks

De Mistura considered a terrorist attack in HOMS, an attempt to derail peace talks

UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura said that “horrific terrorist attack” in HOMS was an attempt to disrupt the peace talks on the Syrian conflict held in Geneva. About it reports Reuters.

According to de Mistura’s attempts to interfere with the course of negotiations was expected and they should expect in the future.

“In the interests of all parties opposed to terrorism and committed to a political process in Syria to prevent these attempts have succeeded,” said de Mistura.

A delegation from the Syrian opposition, which is involved in peace talks in Geneva, also condemned the attack in HOMS, reports Reuters.

“We condemn any terrorist acts done by any terrorist groups. If the attack in HOMS was perpetrated by terrorists, the answer is obvious” — said the head of the delegation Nasser al-Hariri.

At the same time another representative of the opposition Fateh Hassoun noted that until the area in which the explosion occurred, it is impossible to reach without the help of law-enforcement structures.

Hassoun suggested that the way Damascus “eliminated the people who are wanted in international court” and “showed to the people and to the world their part in the fight against terrorism.”

Earlier, the Syrian government’s delegation to peace talks in Geneva urged the opposition to condemn the attack in HOMS.

Refused to acknowledge the explosions in HOMS attack the representative of the Syrian governmental delegation, Bashar Jaafari, has promised to recognize terrorists

On Saturday, February 25, in the Syrian HOMS, several terrorists blew himself up near the headquarters of the state security service and the building of military intelligence. The victims of the explosion were at least 32 people, among the dead are high-ranking military intelligence officer.