Rock musician admitted that he constantly carries a gun in the aircraft

Famous rock musician Rick Derringer pleaded guilty to the systematic and illegal carrying of a gun on the plane. Now the American musician will have to pay a fine of one thousand dollars. This decision was made by the district court in Atlanta (Georgia), reports TASS.


In early January, Derringer tried to carry by aboard the plane a loaded gun in hand Luggage. He flew to Atlanta from Mexico and had a transplant in Florida. The local airport security officers found in his bag the weapon with six bullets and a spare clip.


During trials 69-year-old musician said he never parted with his gun and I took it with me on the plane. However, he was caught only once, which casts a shadow on security measures at U.S. airports – because the rock star is traveling at 30-50 times per year.


Fine, he was discharged for a single incident. Will Derringer punished for the previous cases is unknown. Charges he has not yet put forward.

Photo: Phil Guest / Flickr