The American media protested due to non-admission at the briefing in the White house

The American media expressed the White house protest after it had been approved at the regular briefing by the presidential administration. This was told the chief editor of the newspaper The New York Times Dean Bakit. His application was transferred to TASS.


Earlier at the briefing in the White house did not let the journalists of CNN, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Politico and many other publications. Bakit emphasized that precedents such was not.


“Nothing like this has happened in the White house for a long time, during which we covered the work of different administrations from different parties, he said. – We Express our strong protest due to the fact that the NYT and other media were not allowed”.


The editor of NYT added that the government activities should be transparent and the media should have access to it. It stressed Bakit, “corresponds to key national interests”.


In recent months CNN and the NYT have been criticized Donald trump because of the materials in which it was accused of having links with the Kremlin. The President pointed out that the publications do not check sources, and often does not refer to them.

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Photo: Olivier Douliery / dpa / Globallookpress