Bulletin of the state Department against leakage of information “leaked” to journalists

A four-page memo to the US state Department to combat leaks of information fell into the hands of journalists. The “draining” of the document and its contents according to The Washington Post.

As stated in the material edition, February 20, legal adviser, Department of state Richard Visek (Richard Visek) prepared a memo for the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. The paper begins with an explanation of how Tillerson all need to be “unclassified” but sensitive information that should not be put on public display: for example, data relating to the internal running of his Department.

According to Viseca, if such information is made public, it is harmful to make informed political decisions, as well as the reputation of the institutions where there was a leak.

The journalists of the Washington Post think that using “sinks” the state Department can more effectively influence the policy of the President of the United States Donald trump than by direct interaction. For example, after the anti-immigrant decree trump about 900 employees of the state Department subjected him to criticism of the decision. However, before they have time to file a formal complaint, their statements have already been published in the media.