The American journalist has published the compromising evidence on CNN

Journalist and activist James O’keefe on his website has published 119 hours of recordings, recorded at the headquarters of CNN in Atlanta in 2009, according to the American Agency Associated Press.


“We don’t yet know all that on records. Listened to only part of them,” said O’keefe during a telephone interview on Thursday. He said that one of the already published files reveal the fact of misrepresentation farrowing CNN. The journalist is still working on the audio processing.


O’keefe explained that the record source, whose name was not released, contacted him a few weeks ago. Therefore, the negotiations in 2009 was published just now. However, he did not comment on whether he has fresh dirt.


“It’s kind of a new era of journalism, it’s information leak in the style of WikiLeaks, and we will continue to engage in this,” said O’keefe.


It is also reported that CNN declined to comment.


Earlier it was reportedthat James O’keefe threatened to publish compromising information on CNN. According to the reporter, all data is obtained legally. According to him, the citizens of America are disappointed in the media.

Photo: Erik Lesser / globallookpress