Space truck Dragon docked to the ISS at the second attempt

Space truck Dragon docked to the ISS at the second attempt

MOSCOW, February 23. /TASS/. The cargo spacecraft Dragon American company SpaceX successfully docked to the Harmony module of the International space station. The broadcast is NASA TV.

“Now the ship firmly docked to the station,” said the speaker, commenting on the stream.

Earlier, the European space Agency in his microblog on Twitter reported that an American astronaut Shane Kimbrough and his colleague from France pesquet has successfully captured the manipulator “Canadarm” space truck.

LIVE NOW: Watch as @SpaceX’s #Dragon cargo vehicle is attached to the @Space_Station, where it will stay for a month:

— NASA (@NASA) February 23, 2017

The day before the ship was unable to dock to the ISS as on-Board computers gave the command for cancellation of a transaction due to incorrect figures on the location of the station.

Space truck Dragon was launched with the help of rocket Falcon 9 (“Falcon 9”) launch site at Cape Canaveral (Florida) on February 19. It was the first launch from complex 39A, which was not used for such purposes after the completion of the operation of shuttles in 2011. Aboard the Dragon about 2.5 tons of cargo, including food and materials for scientific experiments.

Wednesday to the ISS headed by the Russian space truck “Progress MS-05”. Its docking with the ISS is scheduled for 11:34 GMT on 24 February.