Germany demanded the inclusion of sausages vegetarian festival

Germany demanded the inclusion of sausages vegetarian festival

The city Council in the German city of Kassel expressed outrage to the organizers of the vegetarian festival due to the fact that among the dishes are not sausages of local production.

During a meeting with the organizers of the event, members of the city Council demanded that sausages and other meat products from local producers was presented at the festival.

According to representatives of the city authorities, the failure to present meat products to a vegetarian festival can be regarded as disrespectful of local traditions, and local smoked sausage is a traditional product of the North Hesse and the city is not only food, but also one of the components of their identity.

The organizers of the festival from environmental organizations UmweltHaus said that the room where the festival will take place is not very big, and room to install some more shelves, no.

Vegetarian festival in Kassel will be held in April on Earth Day.

Local media noted that the dispute over sausages and sausages is partly political in nature. Soon the city will hold mayoral elections, and now in Kassel the midst of the election campaign.

“This issue is very much worried about people, why we can’t ignore it,” said the candidate for mayor from the conservative Christian democratic Union Dominik Kalb.