Seoul urged Washington to include the DPRK in the list of terrorist States

Seoul urged Washington to include the DPRK in the list of terrorist States

Head of the Committee of the national Assembly of the Republic of Korea on defence Kim Yeon Woo sent a letter to his colleague John McCain in the U.S. Senate with a request to include the DPRK in the list of sponsors of terrorism.

He stated the Agency Yonhap.

According to him, the letter will be delivered to McCain through diplomatic channels next week.

The murder of Kim Jong-Nam, the brother of the leader of North Korea might be about the inclusion of North Korea in the list of terrorist countries South Korea, also said the representative of the South Korean authorities, the Agency Yonhap.

“[Previously], steps were taken to enable North Korea to list of States sponsoring terrorism, but there weren’t a reason,” he said.

However, the killing of Kim Jong-Nam, in his words, has become such a “pulse”. The bill was presented to Parliament of South Korea, said the Agency interlocutor.

Wednesday, February 22, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner told the Agency that the murder of Kim Jong-Nam “another reminder of the cruelty of North Korea”. He also urged to include it in the list of terrorist States.

North Korea has been caught in a similar list of the United States in 1987, as a result of a bomb explosion at a South Korean civilian plane of Korean Airlines killed 115 people. But in 2008, the DPRK was removed from the terrorist list by the US President George Bush because of the progress in negotiations on nuclear deterrence.

Kim Jong Nam has died in the airport of Kuala Lumpur on 13 February, waiting for your flight. Upon his death the four suspects were detained. Four more persons are wanted.

On Friday, February 24, Reuters reported, citing the Malaysian police that, according to preliminary data, Kim Jong-Nam was poisoned by the highly toxic chemical VX (VX nerve agent). This substance, the experts were able to detect in smears from the eyes and face of the deceased.

VX — fosfororganichyeskii a chemical warfare agent nerve, which is a chemical weapon. The UN has classified it as a weapon of mass destruction.

At the moment there is no official motives for the murder of Kim Jong-Nam. According to unofficial data, was involved in his death can be the North Korean authorities. DPRK, in turn, denies guilt and has been calling for a joint investigation of the death of Kim Jong-Nam.