The family of the tramp convinced him to abandon the withdrawal from the agreement on climate

The family of the tramp convinced him to abandon the withdrawal from the agreement on climate

Daughter Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner convinced the head of the White house Donald trump not to abandon the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, and to eliminate mention of “climate decrees” that trump is going to sign soon.

This was reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the American administration.

The publication notes that “the move is the latest sign of the growing influence of the daughter of trump and Kushner at the White house, which laid bare the internal divisions on a number of issues, including foreign policy.”

Previously, Ivanka trump, which, according to experts, actually performs the role of the first lady of the United States, persuaded his father not to make laws on discrimination against sexual minorities.

Recall that during the election campaign, trump hinted at the fact that America can come out of the Paris agreement, signed by 195-Yu countries-participants of the world climate summit, which was held in the French capital in December 2015.

The then presidential candidate was outraged by the fact that the United States had to bear a great financial burden to implement the agreement on reduction of emissions of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. In addition, Donald trump has expressed doubt in “the scientific validity of the concept of global warming” and said that the climate agreement has a negative impact on the energy system of the USA. Finally, trump talked about the fact that the use of pesticides in agriculture is safe and does not affect the temperature rise on the planet.

But Ivanka trump was able to convince the White house that countering climate change on the planet, you must do one of the main priorities of its activities.

Ivanka trump and Kushner in December, met with former Vice-President of the USA albert Gore, considered one of the main supporters of the fight against global warming.

Mountains for their efforts in the field of ecology in his time was even nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The parties came to the conclusion on the need to further countering global warming on the planet, and Gore himself has described the meeting as positive and constructive.