Polish MPs are going to connect the country by canal to Kaliningrad

Deputies of the Polish Sejm by a majority of votes adopted a law on the construction of the canal through the Baltic spit, which will connect Poland with the Russian Kaliningrad, RIA Novosti reported.


According to the Agency, for the adoption of the document voted by 401 people’s Deputy of 428. If the initiative is approve by the Senate of the country, construction will begin next year. According to plan, the canal will link the Vistula lagoon and Gdańsk Bay.


As previously reported by the government of Poland, where a bill had been drafted, the main purpose of the construction of the canal the possibility of calling at the Polish port Elblag vessels marine settings. The project cost is tentatively estimated at 12.5 billion rubles.

Photo: G. Lenz Arco Images GmbH / Globallookpress