The defense Ministry responded to the criticism because of the layout of the Reichstag in the suburbs

The defense Ministry of Russia has expressed bewilderment criticism of the establishment in the suburbs of the layout of the Reichstag, voiced by some German politicians. About it in the press release of defense Ministry said Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov.


“Defense of the Reichstag by the Nazis in late 1945, the year was accompanied by the most fierce and bloody battles which killed tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers. Therefore, the heroism of the soldiers of the red Army in the fight against German Nazism, including the storming of the Reichstag in may 1945 should not only know, but also to remember that contemporary and future generations, both in Russia and in Germany,” – said in a release.


Criticism of certain German politicians in connection with the construction of the layout of the Reichstag was summoned to the Russian defense Ministry not only astonishment, but also questioned whether any real convictions of these critics about the builders of the “Third Reich”.


“Apparently, in Germany, someone forgot that the Reichstag by the Nazis after the fire of 27 February 1933, Hitler and his builders of the “Third Reich” and began their fiery bloody way in the world”, – the document says.

Photo: Russian Look / Globallookpress