Hitler was able to obtain atomic weapons to end world war II

By the end of the Second world war, the Third Reich has got nuclear weapons, but did not manage to bring it to final form. Thanks to recently declassified folder PO 696 from the National archives in Washington, it became known that in 1944, German scientists, though not created a usable atomic bomb, but conducted a successful test of a simple nuclear warheads.

This writes the Sun , citing German tabloid Bild. According to the testimony of a German pilot Hans Zinsser saw the bomb tests in the beginning of October 1944, in the area Ludwigslust, where was the nuclear testing ground, he noticed a mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke, stretching for 10 km. he said that He drew attention to the interference in communication and working appliances.

After an hour in the area Ludwigslust in the air up the other pilot and saw a similar picture. The explosion also watched the Italian correspondent Luigi Romersa, who was sent to oversee the testing of Benito Mussolini.

As writes Daily Mail, Adolf Hitler wanted nuclear weapons. He intended to arm the nuclear warheads of missiles “V-2” which the Germans fired at the UK. From documents follows, that in Berlin in 1943 held a secret meeting, called the “nuclear summit”, which was attended by Minister of armaments albert Speer.

Probably a German scientist did not have enough time to complete the nuclear reaction to make an atomic explosion. Experts still speculated that it was for the explosion in Ludwigslust. According to them, most likely it was the explosion of a simple nuclear warheads.

Photo: Scherl / Globallookpress