Activists accused in the coup in Ukraine Obama and Soros

Activists accused in the coup in Ukraine Obama and Soros

In several American cities rally the international Schiller Institute, dedicated to the anniversary of the Maidan in Ukraine.

The participants handed out leaflets, which said that the change of power in the country was carried out with the direct support of the 44th President Barack Obama and billionaire George Soros. On Friday, February 24, reports TASS.

As the correspondent of the Agency, the protesters in new York gathered near the headquarters of the United Nations.

They had posters of “Obama in jail” and “Your enemy George Soros”.

Similar actions, according to the official representative of the Schiller Institute Diane Sir, were held in two cities in the US — Boston and Houston, as well as in Berlin (Germany).

Sir said that US residents must know the truth about the events in Ukraine, as the same people are trying to remove the new US President Donald trump from power by the same means that were used to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych.

Maidan (Euromaidan) — protests that took place in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in winter 2013-2014. The result was a change of government, and ousted President Viktor Yanukovych left the country.

The leaders of the Maidan occupied government posts and become MPs. During these events killed more than 100 people.