To participate in the rallies in Kiev go fighters – Ukrainian journalist

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko on his page in Facebook reported that in Kiev are moving some buses from the nationalist regiment “Azov”.


He said that he went instead with the operator in the area of so-called ATO, when he proceeded to meet several buses filled with young men of a sports Constitution. The policeman at the checkpoint explained to the crew that they were going fighters on Maidan, but he did nothing, as all documents are in order.


How did you find Tsaplienko, the nationalists of the “Azov” was going to take part in the March of National Dignity on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution.


“The logical question – why are these young, athletic right-wing activists do not demonstrate their patriotism in the trenches?”, concludes Ukrainian journalist.


Earlier it was reportedthat about ten thousand people representing the Ukrainian nationalist movement, came to the March of national dignity, which takes place in Kyiv today.

Photo: / Globallookpress