The media learned about the secret prison of the SBU

Torture of innocent people in the dungeons – in the best tradition of CIA secret prisons. The security service of Ukraine was held in secret prisons dozens of people. This is reported by RIA Novosti.


According to human rights organization Amnesty International such institutions located in Mariupol, Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, and Izyum in Kharkiv, and possibly in other cities. About the illegal detention of civilians told three independent sources.


They gave the defenders a list of 16 people who secretly kept in the SBU Kharkov in 2014 and 2015. People were taken away from the house, and then was tortured for months only because of the suspicion – often false – in sympathy with the enemy.


As noted later, they also secretly released, but only three of the victims decided to file a formal statement to law enforcement.

Photo: Anton Belitsky / Russian Look / globallookpress