Shoigu proposed to abandon the “endless militarization” of Russia

Shoigu proposed to abandon the “endless militarization” of Russia

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu proposed to abandon the militarization of Russia, making the initial military training optional. His proposal to the Minister, as reported by “Interfax”, said at the government hour in the state Duma.

Shoigu proposed to abandon the compulsory military training, focusing on “Patriotic education”. “We must not militarize the country forever,” — he stressed.

At the same time, the Minister noted that a positive attitude to the development of Junior military movement in Russia. According to him, currently, “every school that ended the leadership of the Armed forces” has already been created by Junior military groups. They are supervised by representatives of the command of the army. Shoigu also suggested deputies to take on the responsibility for the supervision of Junior military units. “Imagine appears 450 class, and each member will be for this watch. I urge you to do this and would like to become involved, and we are ready to help”, — said the head of the defense Ministry.

Junior military movement was created on the initiative of Sergei Shoigu in 2015. The movement is Patriotic in nature and brings together bodies and organisations related to predpisano preparation of the citizens.

Earlier in his speech in the state Duma, Shoigu said that the training yunarmeytsev in the Park “Patriot” will be built a model of the Reichstag building and the “full-sized guerrilla village.” According to the Minister, since young men have the opportunity “to attack a specific location” and not “horrible”.