SBU showed the capture of the military who planned a “bloody Maidan”

The security service of Ukraine published video of the detention of Ukrainian soldier with an Arsenal of weapons that, according to operative data of the SBU, the radicals were going to use during the riots on Maidan, reports the Ukrainian edition “Корреспондент.net“.


Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios on his page in Facebook wrote that the detained seized 12 machines, which were transported to the Maidan. “A soldier ordered from the ATO zone and bought the so-called “Odessa national Republic” 12 AK and the SVD rifle. After questioning it became known that the contractor was going to carry weapons to Kiev for the application of 22 February on the Maidan,” – said Matios.


In the SBU reported that the detainee is a supporter of the far-right of the fan movement that is dissatisfied with the current Ukrainian state system. In addition to the seized weapons, the soldier allegedly tried to purchase silent sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.

Video: BEZPEKA Service of Ukraine /