US ships in Black sea destroyed in a few minutes

In the event of a military conflict in the Black sea the US Navy ship will be destroyed in few minutes coastal missile complexes of the black sea fleet of Russia. On Wednesday RIA Novosti reported with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of veterans, ex-commander of black sea fleet coastal troops, major-General Vladimir Romanenko.


“A few minutes of life have with the American ship in the Black sea. Those missiles that are in service with the black sea fleet, and even from several directions, will not allow him any way to solve their operational and strategic objectives,” said the General.


Earlier Wednesday, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu said that the defense Ministry has completed the delivery of coastal missile complexes “Bastion” black sea fleet. The equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation “Bastions” will be completed in 2017. Shoigu recalled that these systems reliably protect the approaches of the sea.