Putin signed a law on indefinite privatization of housing

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on indefinite privatization of housing for all citizens. Document published on the portal of legal information on Wednesday, February 22.

Now free to privatize housing can all citizens of Russia. The head of the Ministry of construction Mikhail Men commented to RIA Novosti, this decision, according to him, it will decrease the hype around this issue.

The relevant law was passed by the Parliament on 10 February, 15 February, it was approved by the Federation Council. Initially the free privatization of housing was to be extended only to certain categories of the population: the inhabitants of Crimea, orphans and displaced people from dilapidated housing, but the government decided to abandon these restrictions.

General government privatisation plan was issued on 15 Feb. According to the document, from the privatization of Federal property in the Federal budget in the years 2017-2019 will come to 5.6 billion rubles annually.