Fired on each other hunters from Texas to blame the migrants

In Texas, two men accidentally shot each other and blamed illegal immigrants. About it reports The Independent.

The incident occurred in early January on a ranch in South Texas, near the Mexican border. The police arrived at the scene and found two men bleeding. The victims — Walker Daugherty and Edwin Roberts said the patrol, they fired the illegals they saw at the ranch some time ago.

The story broke on social networks, after Commissioner of agriculture in Texas and an ardent supporter of current U.S. President Sid Miller posted it on his page in Facebook.

However, the police did not believe the victims, and the court ruled that the hunters shooting each other. The Prosecutor in the case noted that Daugherty was obsessed with paranoia: he sincerely believed that Roberts and his wife were attacked by refugees and climbed into their car. This forced Roberts to open fire, his partner began to shoot back.