The Chinese government of Xinjiang will issue 100 million yuan for information about the attacks

Authorities the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region (XUAR) of the PRC announced the allocation of 100 million yuan (14.5 million U.S. dollars), which shall be paid for the information on terrorists and their accomplices operating in the region. About it reports Reuters.

The maximum size of a single payment of five million yuan, such reward is provided for information about future terrorist attacks in places with large gathering of people. For the information for the links of the extremists, the promotion of Jihad or the organization of illegal border crossing relies on two to three million.

The money will be paid even reports of women covering the face and wearing long beards the men — the information the Chinese authorities was estimated at 2 thousand yuan. All informants are guaranteed anonymity.

Xinjiang is located in Northwest of China. In the region there are Islamic radicals, mostly ethnic Uighurs fighting for an independent state of East Turkestan. As a result of their confrontation with Beijing since 1990 has killed hundreds of people. The last few months in Xinjiang was relatively calm, however on 14 February, there was another attack: three criminals in the Prefecture of Hotan with knives attacked the crowd, stabbing five people, five more were injured. All the attackers were shot dead.