Putin signed a decree on celebration of the 75th anniversary of victory at Stalingrad


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the celebration in 2018, the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet troops in the battle of Stalingrad. The document published on the official Kremlin website.

The decree Putin decreed the establishment of organizational Committee on preparation and holding of the holiday. Chairman of the Committee, the President appointed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

The government during the month must approve the composition of the organizational Committee, develop a plan of action, as well as “to recommend to public authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation to participate in the preparation and conduct of the celebration”.

The battle of Stalingrad took place during World war II on the Eastern front between the red army and Nazi troops. The battle took place on the territory of the Voronezh, Rostov, Volgograd areas and Kalmykia Republic from 17 July 1942 to 2 February 1943 and culminated in the victory of the Soviet troops. It was one of the turning points of world war II.