Police are investigating the death of a kangaroo and a donkey injured in Pyatigorsk

The police of Pyatigorsk check the information about the cruel treatment of animals in a local petting zoo. According to preliminary data, were killed there baby kangaroos and injured a donkey — he mutilated hooves, RIA Novosti reported citing the city Department of internal Affairs.

By results of check the procedural decision will be made, said the police.

Toactivity of the organization “Vita” published a post “Vkontakte” on the condition of the animals in this zoo Monday, February 20, noting that the kangaroo died because of hypothermia. In their opinion, the administration of the institution to “care about animals”.

In November 2016, a similar scandal emerged around one of the capital’s contact zoos — there lost his sight a raccoon named Tosya, then the owners asked the veterinarian to euthanize the animal. The staff of the clinic “Green parrot”, where the beast diagnosed glaucoma, placed the raccoon, and providing treatment.