Lavrov, Mogherini caught in the clause “according to Freud”

Photo: RIA Novosti The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov heard “Freudian slip” from the heads of the foreign missions of the European Union Federica Mogherini. Mogherini misspoke, saying that the EU will wait “until Russia will give way, depart from Minsk-2”. According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, the clause carries hidden meaning that Kiev is doing everything right. About it reports TV channel RenTV. Recall that the Munich security conference began yesterday Feb. Today representatives of a number of Western countries have accused Russia of violating the Minsk agreements.

Lavrov about the allegations of cyber attacks: show us the facts

Photo: Reuters No facts about the alleged Russian interference by hacker attacks to the electoral process in the United States, France and Germany no, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in his speech at the Munich security conference. “Show us the facts,” said Lavrov. As noted by the head of the foreign Ministry, he had not seen any fact of the tampering of the electoral system of the Russian hackers. “For some reason, when we are being accused of something, no facts, no demands. Any fact I have not seen any on what we tried to hack some websites of the Democratic party, nor about what we supposedly did in France and Germany”, — said the Minister. In addition, Lavrov said that Russia already long ago suggested the Western colleagues to deal with cyber security, however, serious discussion so far was not. In this regard, he

“The era is gone”: memories of Vitaly Churkin

Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, February 21. /TASS/. The news of the death of the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin equally saddened and his friends, and his opponents. The Russian Ambassador could love or not to love, but and colleagues, and journalists, and even ordinary people recognized him as a gifted diplomat, able to defend the interests of his country. USA as a starting point In the first trip of a young diplomat Vitaly Churkin went to the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Then our American colleagues pointed out that the young Soviet diplomat is not just brilliantly knows English, but speaks it almost without an accent.

The UN security Council adopted a statement in connection with the death Churkin

The UN Security Council adopted a statement in connection with the death of Russia’s permanent representative at the world organization Vitaly Churkin. It is reported by RIA Novosti. “The members of the Security Council expressed deep condolences to the family of the permanent representative, the government and people of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the document approved on Monday evening, February 20. “Council members mourn after who spent over forty years in the diplomatic service of Russia, headed the mission of the country at the UN for more than ten years, and that February 21 would have turned 65 years”, — said in a statement. Churkin died in new York at the age of 64 years. According to the newspaper The New York Times, in the morning he felt unwell because of “heart problems”, the death was caused by a heart attack. Churkin held the post of Russia’s envoy

Dozens of young people staged riots in Stockholm

In Stockholm in the area Rinkeby several dozens of young people rioted, the newspaper Aftonbladet. Unknown on Monday evening, February 20, eight burned cars and smashed shops. Beaten two people, including the owner of one of the commercial establishments. When the police arrived, the rioters started throwing stones at them. Law enforcement officers were forced to fire warning shots. One of them was injured — he got a stone thrown by hand. According to the representative of the Metropolitan police Lars Postrema only had two episodes of unrest, they were both attended by about 30-40 people. The police did not detain anyone. Open an investigation under article “Riots” and “violence against officials”. As noted by RIA Novosti, in the center Rinkeby home to many immigrants. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) February 20, 2017, 23:29 On the night of 21 October in the Swedish capital burned down the refugee reception centre.

In Moscow the teenager shot the shooting coach in the dash

Metropolitan investigators understand the circumstances of the attack on the instructor in the shooting in the East of Moscow. Reports about it “Газета.Ru”, with reference to the SC.   As noted, the coach assaulted a minor. In the case of 15-year-old criminal case under article 105 part 1 of the criminal code (attempted murder).   The incident occurred last night in the dash, located at Izmaylovsky passage. In time, classes on shooting the young man made first the target and then “purposefully fired shots in the instructor,” said the SC.   The victim was taken to a medical facility, where he is given all necessary help. Photo: Jean-Pierre Ceppo / in freeimages

The girl swallowed a coin and died in Leningrad

The investigative Committee of Leningrad region opened a criminal case after the death of a child due to swallowed coins. As reports a press-Department service, four-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital with a foreign body in the respiratory tract.   The child was hospitalized on February 13 in a city hospital the Pine forest. The doctors pulled from her throat a coin, but to save the girl’s life failed. She was in a coma, and died 18 Feb.   Upon its destruction criminal case under article “Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.” Photo: imagebroker / Ulrich Niehoff / Goballookpress

He always took the fire itself: Vitaly Churkin in the eyes of colleagues

Death always comes suddenly, even if you are on the battlefield and bullets are flying around and life hangs in the balance. Activity Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, the post of permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations and the UN security Council was comparable with the work in extreme conditions, where every day were hard enough defending the interests of Russia. And how he did it! Professionally and tastefully however, when the altercation with the opponents certainly ended with defeat of last. Even detractors called him a real diplomatic “knight of Russia”. And that’s heart failed – the day before the 65th anniversary.   The loss is irreplaceable. And even if the change Churkin at the post of Permanent representative to the UN will come new diplomats, any of them will have to “endure” to the level of Vitaly Ivanovich. The point where his appearance in the room caused the