Medina urged to learn from the February revolution


RIA Novosti

Russia needs to study the causes of the February revolution of 1917 and to learn from these events, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. His words leads RIA Novosti.

“Today it is necessary to study deeply the causes of the historical failure of 17 years, does not seek neither to demonize nor to idealize the revolution, it happened 100 years ago, in the past, it did not change”, — said the official at the conference “Lessons of history”.

The main lesson, according to Medina, lies in the unwillingness of the then Russian political elites to unite in subordinating private interests to the interests of the country. Problems, which at that time stood in front of the state, was obvious and systemic, but “not so scary”, said the head of the Ministry of culture. “As a result of public dialogue has been tampered with massacre, bloodshed, civil war did not solve any of the problems, and then all the same problems again had to be addressed again in extreme conditions, having lost millions of the best people, at the cost of terrible sacrifice,” he concluded.

The result of the February revolution in Russia overthrew the tsarist autocracy and established a Provisional government. In 1917 power in the country was seized by the Bolsheviks.