WP found out about the impending meeting of the representatives of the DPRK and former U.S. officials

Senior representatives of the DPRK can spend in the United States talks with former us officials, The Washington Post reports.

As noted, this meeting, for the first time in five years, indicates a potential willingness of the North Korean authorities to start a dialogue with the new administration of Donald trump.

The preparation of this meeting is complicated by a number of incidents such as the recent test of North Korean ballistic missiles, as well as the murder of half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN — Kim Jong-Nam, who, as many suspect it is the head of the country.

As analysts say they doubt very much that the DPRK, which seeks to ensure that its acknowledged nuclear power, to ease its stance on the issue of arms.

According to the newspaper, negotiations could not take place in new York over the next few weeks. The US state Department still has not approved the North Koreans visas.

Kim Jong-Nam, was killed on 13 February at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. He was going to fly from Malaysia to Macau to his family. According to investigators, the assassination was attempted by two women, they managed to escape. There are different versions of his murder: brother Korean leader could have been hurt, poisoned needles, splash him with a toxic liquid or spend in the face with a swab dipped in the poisonous substance.

February 12, North Korea launched a ballistic missile Pukguksong-2 (“Pukhansan-2”, “Severnaya Zvezda-2”) medium-range class “Musudan”. The UN security Council in its statement condemned the move of the North Korean authorities.