In Thailand, Buddhist monks and the congregation rebuffed the police

Buddhist monks and parishioners of the largest in Thailand Wat Tamaki in Bangkok repulsed the besiegers, the temple police, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the local edition.


On Monday morning, the monks attempted to break through a police cordon, which surrounded the temple grounds. Clash caught 54-year-old parishioner. The woman fell and the crowd received multiple injuries, she was hospitalized.


It is noted that the police were exposed at the gate of the temple, to prevent the penetration of the complex members and supporters of the order Tamaki, the founder of which was declared on the wanted list and in absentia arrested due to accusations of corruption and accepting donations of money received as a result of fraud.

Last week, law enforcement officers were sent to the temple to conduct a search. However, to find Pho Thammachak failed.

Photo: Rohan Radheya / / Globallookpress