The Ministry of economic development leaves the main forecaster

The Ministry of economic development leaves the main forecaster

Alexei Vedev confirmed that already wrote a letter of resignation.

This week may be the resignation of Deputy economy Minister Alexey Vedev, said the source “Izvestia”, close to the Agency. Alexei Vedev confirmed that already wrote a letter of resignation. This is a key personnel decision in which changes the unit of the Department working on a comprehensive action plan for the 2017-2025 years. To develop this plan, the Ministry of economic development instructed the President to set the goal to achieve leading indicators of economic growth.

As a source told “Izvestia”, close to the office, his resignation filed Deputy Minister Alexei Vedev, which is one and a half months acting head of Department after the dismissal of Alexei Ulyukayev.

Alexey Vedev has confirmed that the decision was made, he wrote a letter and suggested that this week it will be OK

The official representative of the Ministry of economic development Elena Lashkina has informed “news” that the orders of the government on this occasion did not.

In the MAYOR Alexei Vedev was supervised by the Department of budget planning and government programs. He was responsible for the macroeconomic forecasts and statistics.

Last week Ministry of economic development has announced a new appointment. The Director of the Department for macroeconomic analysis and forecasting is Cyril Tremasova, and he worked with Alexei Wedeven over the growth strategy, were appointed a former employee of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance Pauline Badasen (in the Ministry of Finance Deputy Director of budget policy and strategic planning). In front of her Maxim Oreshkin has set the task to reformat the work on the forecast of economic development of Russia, including to bind the target scenario of this forecast with the planned structural reforms and improve the tools of forecasting to account for monetary and fiscal policy.

“In fact, the new direction of preparation of the forecast document, which is the basis of the country’s budget, to explain how these or those measures will affect economic growth”, — these words of Maxim Oreshkin listed in the official message of the Ministry of economic development. Therefore, according to the head of the MAYOR will ensure communication of the government with the business community and the public.

In fact, the functions exercised by the Deputy Minister Alexei Vedev, entrusted to the Pauline Badasen. And the work her Department is supervised personally by the Minister. Therefore, the question of whether Alexei Vedev successor, is still open. Thus, the media have repeatedly written about the fact that they can become chief economist VEB Andrei Klepach, who was already working in Ministry, doing just macroeconomic forecasts and left the position of Deputy Minister.

The source of “Izvestia”, close to the VEB, he said that while Andrei Klepach has not officially announced his retirement. Thus, on the one hand, his views on the sources of economic growth is fundamentally at odds with the position of Maxim Oreshkin, on the other hand, it is included in the Stolypin club, which is also developing a program for growth and it can also be integrated into the plan of the Ministry along with the Center for strategic research.

Andrei Klepach did not comment on his possible appointment.

In any case, it is clear that the Ministry concentrates its efforts on the main task facing the Department, and develop a plan of action to bring the economy to a growth rate above the world, experts say

Chief economist BCS Vladimir Tikhomirov considers that it would be logical if this area is completely supervised Maxim Oreshkin, who is well versed in mikroprovetrivanie and planning. Moreover, the expert said, … converges in many positions with the Ministry of Finance, in particular, that economic policy must be predictable. Have in mind that any reforms, such as tax, need to declare in advance, to prepare the society and business, and then for a long time there is no change.

— If the Ministry of economic development will receive the full support of the Ministry of Finance, and this, apparently, goes, then they will represent a powerful lobbying force in government and the Kremlin, — says Vladimir Tikhomirov.

In his opinion, it will be more effective than the opposition of key ministries.

Prerequisites for a breakthrough in the economy should be not only well-written program, but also other factors that the Agency is independent, said the expert. First, we need political support for broader reforms, including judicial and state monopolies to improve their efficiency. Secondly, it is necessary to create favorable macroeconomic environment for investment and business.

The last task is complex, on which work many institutions. And successful. In particular, the Central Bank has done much to reduce inflation, — said Vladimir Tikhomirov.