The CPS advised Russians not to overeat at the carnival and more walk

The CPS advised Russians not to overeat at the carnival and more walk

Moscow. 20 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the CPS advised Russians to pay more attention to the quality of pancakes in the Maslenitsa week, to remember the rules of personal hygiene and the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of trade.

“Remember the principles of a balanced diet: do not overeat and do not get carried away with alcoholic beverages. So the feast went without a problem, alternate the consumption of fatty and fried foods to consumption of raw vegetables — they help to normalize digestion,” — said in the message of Department published on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor on Monday. It is also recommended to spend more time in the fresh air, “to active vacation was in favor of health.”

The CPS is also a reminder that those who wish to enjoy pancakes in the places of street festivities should look to the conditions of sale of products — are the rules of hygiene by the seller, does he clean your workplace, do you follow the storage conditions of toppings for pancakes and other ingredients.

Also in Rospotrebnadzor recalled, what should be the composition of pancakes. “Ideally, they should be made from flour, milk and eggs. However, the use of pancakes milk powder, egg powder and vegetable protein is not prohibited”, — stated in the message.

For those who prefer pancakes alone, the Ministry recalled that buying eggs, flour and milk, should pay attention to the presence of manufacturer’s date and expiry date, storage conditions and the presence of the documents confirming quality and safety.