A test of knowledge of the band Nirvana

A test of knowledge of the band Nirvana

February 20, the gang frontman Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 years old.


Kurt Cobain was born in a musical family. The uncle of the future legends of grunge played in a rock band, and his aunt played the guitar. However, the first tool Kurt became another instrument — drums. Seven years later, the musician tired of the drums, and he decided to learn to play the guitar.

To its final name came not from. At different times, the band performed under various names: Skid Row, Ted Ed Fred, Bliss, Pen Cap Chew and. Composition Nirvana has been updated several times. On account of Nirvana three Studio albums, the latest of which appeared in 1993.

Since then, the band lasted another year. On April 8 1994 Cobain was found dead at his home. Near the body lay a shotgun and a suicide note in which he appealed to his family and many fans.

February 20, Nirvana frontman, would have turned 50 years, and we can only guess how many hits yet to be released group, not take the life of a musician. Despite its relatively short existence, the team managed to win numerous army of fans, which we offer to pass our test.