Protests, police and riots: what’s happening in Kiev right now

The situation with the riots in the centre of the Ukrainian capital continues to evolve. Today, when Ukraine celebrates the Day of memory of heroes of Heavenly hundred, to the center of the city came more people. Among them are nationalists, and disgruntled current government citizens. Blogger Andrei Fomin is in Kiev right now and monitors what is happening in the city and what mood the protesters out on the street.


“Here, near the memorial to heroes of Heavenly one hundred, where the men were shot, held an impromptu rally, and the same, which is often glimpsed in the footage, confirming that it fired on the people from above. The rally is already around a thousand people. And me Bankova street, and according to some information, there now has driven police and military equipment,” – said the blogger.


The approaches to the government quarter, surrounded by security forces that gives the situation the similarity with the protests in 2013. The main difference is that now, no cordon of soldiers of “Berkut”.


To the seat of government of the flock column of nationalists with flags of the radical groups, they move orderly under nationalist songs.


Ordinary citizens who came to honor the memory of those killed in the riots of 2013, negatively assess the current government.


“Not just a memory… we are here involved. Our children died, three years have passed, and our leaders in the blood, which came to power… you see what they do with the people. The nation is completely broke. It is the destruction of the nation. View: the country in which you can’t even go to the presidential administration? The stigma of fluff, if hiding from the people,” – said a resident of the town, published to commemorate the victims.


“On the other the anniversary of the Maidan we spent two hours there were, could not go and put flowers on our guys, because I stood and waited for Mr. President. I voted for Poroshenko? What are you talking about? Never in my life. Brains?” – she added.


Activists, radicals, nationalists and disgruntled residents continue to flock to the city centre. Judging by the activity of participants of protests and demonstrations, Kiev could face another Maidan. In the evening the activists plan to hold a popular Assembly.