Chaly complained about mandatory for the Governor “ritual dances”

Alexey Chaly

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, who previously held the post of Chairman of the regional Parliament, does not intend to apply for the position of mayor due to the lack of psychological inclination for such work. He told this in an interview with TASS, published on Monday, February 20.

“It is not mine, I do psychologically difficult, there’s a huge amount mandatory for the head and associated “ritual dances”,” — said Chaly. He admitted that he has no ability to solve the economic issues of the city necessary to the Governor.

Chaly also said that not seek re-election in the new convocation of the legislative body (the term of its Deputy powers expires in 2019 — approx. “Of the”). “Over — and leave. I think I’ll be much more useful in the implementation of concrete development projects of the city,” he said.

The Deputy added that he wanted “to ensure that the city became a center of intellectual energy,” which he considers one of the promising directions of development of Sevastopol.

24 November 2016, the deputies of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted the law establishing the direct election of the Governor. According to him, the mayor will be elected by popular vote for five years. Then Chaly told “” said that he did not intend to participate in elections of the Governor of the city, which will be held in September.

Acting mayor Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who succeeded, after at this post at the end of July last year, said that he would go to them, if at that time will achieve success in his post and receive support.

Alexey Chaly has initiated two attempts to allow residents to choose their Chapter. Spoke against them, in particular, former Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo.