The Paris thieves climbed into an empty apartment of the family of Osama bin Laden and left with nothing

View of Paris

In the eighth district of Paris, there was a robbery of the apartment owned by the Saudis, the bin Ladens. However, home was nothing to take and the thieves left with nothing, according to RTL.

The criminals broke into the premises of 200 square meters across the roof of the building. There they found the safe and opened it with a soldering pipe, but there was nothing inside. Members of the family stressed that there were no valuables in the apartment is not kept.

How close relatives have landlords, the late terrorist Osama bin Laden is unknown. Paris police are investigating.

A large part of the rich and powerful in Saudi Arabia the dynasty of bin Ladens disowned the founder of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) in 1994, when he was stripped of his citizenship.

Osama bin Laden was liquidated on may 2, 2011 in the result of a secret military operation by American special forces in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad where he was hiding for several years. His body was buried at sea.