Goalkeeper of Kiev “Dynamo” has asked fans to abandon the Russian language

Former goalkeeper of Kiev “Dynamo” Alexander Shovkovskiy during the meeting with his fans on Saturday in Kiev, said that, despite what he thinks in Russian, nevertheless, he urges all Ukrainians to speak their native language, writes “Politnavigator”. At least they should strive to speak it.


“I’ve spent my life talking in Russian. Yes, I understand perfectly that I now can be a lot of cons are supplied. We all have to go to go to the Ukrainian language,” said Shovkovskiy.


According to the athlete, his generation must first be retrained, but the children also need to learn only its own language. It will be especially easy to do if all the schools and universities will be held in Ukrainian, said Shovkovskiy.

Video: FootballHub / youtube

Photo: Serg Glovny ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress