The defense Ministry announced the timing of the emergence of the prototype of s-500

The first prototype of anti-aircraft missile system s-500 will be manufactured by 2020. About it journalists were reported by the Deputy defense Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov, reports RIA Novosti.

“Under this system, the work is going according to plan, expect to get the sample to 2020”, — he said.

In April of last year the chief of defense HQs of Viktor gumenny said that Air and space forces will soon receive the first samples of s-500. He noted that this system completed development work.

The development of anti-aircraft missile system air defense/missile defense s-500 (in different years as alleged names appeared “Prometheus” and “Triumphant”) was started around 2002-2003, in the framework of the project “Autocrat” and “Lord”. The system is designed to attack aerodynamic targets at a long range, hypersonic cruise missiles, low-orbit satellites, as well as to combat ballistic targets, including warheads of Intercontinental missiles.