The sadism in American: how the United States destroyed half a planet forbidden weapons

Every use of prohibited munitions by the U.S. army is one and the mu scenario. First, officials claim that each of the next military operation will be carried out within certain limits, and immediately after that, the same official representatives justify and explain the facts of the use of toxic ammunition.



Despite the fact that after the official end of the Vietnam war it took more than forty years, local residents still remember Americans. In General, the number of “thepresence” of American troops in Vietnam has broken all conceivable records for decades to come. If the use of Napalm in densely populated areas, and operations, such as those well illustrated in his film the American Director Francis Ford Coppola locals remember vaguely, the effect from other weapons of mass destruction, the Vietnamese felt until now.

Chemical composition of defoliants and herbicides, with the symbol of agent orange used by the us army in Vietnam as well as Napalm. The chemical composition of the pesticides sprayed not only over Vietnam but also over the territories of neighboring States, the us military mockingly called “cure for pimples”. Dichlorophenoxyacetic, and other trichlorophenoxyacetic acid mixed with only a few less toxic chemicals were sprayed from low altitude. In view of the chemical composition of such a mixture contained a “horse” dose of dioxin – a toxic substance that causes cancer and other serious diseases in every living being that touched the poison.


The worst of such chemicals is not only unusable land and bare trees with no leaves. According to estimates of various international organizations, up to four million Vietnamese suffered from the chemical trapped in the river. However, from the monstrous weapons of mass destruction affected not only the Vietnamese but also the American soldiers. According to various estimates, from 100 to 150 thousand American soldiers sought medical treatment for ailments caused by agent orange. Despite the fact that the United States offered Vietnam assistance in the cleansing of the land from dioxins, the experts are sure about the complete cleaning and disinfection of areas of speech can not go in principle.

The geography of infection



Almost forty thousand sorties, two and a half thousand air strikes and crippled several generations of local residents. Armed aggression of the USA and NATO against Yugoslavia in March-April 1999, historians and military experts are studying so far. The focus, however, is not the effectiveness of such aircraft ammunition, and that remains in the area hit by bombs after. What ammunition was used against Yugoslav military in NATO to talk there was no hurry.

To make bureaucrats of the Alliance to tell the truth are the environmentalists, who arrived in 2001 to study the growing number of oncological diseases among local residents. The conflict was over, and the international study group admitted almost all of the objects that manifested interest. U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright unlocked to the last, but ultimately the pressure of the admitted use of radioactive ammunition, while refusing to associate the increased level of cancer in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and the presence of aircraft of depleted uranium munitions in the US Arsenal and NATO.

Experts say that the real number of cancer patients began to measure after five years. The worst guesses of experts it was confirmed that radioactive materials in large quantities remain in the soil and water, and the soil sampling and water studies were carried out in dozens of kilometers from the place of air strikes. “Waste” uranium-238 in this case was used not only as armor-piercing ammunition-linking reinforced concrete floors, but as a real “dirty bomb”. However, toxic ammunition, the use of which causes irreparable harm to human health, was used by the us military before. In 1991 during operation “desert Storm” happened, perhaps the mass combat the use of such shells and bombs.


According to experts, on average, fighting the American army spent almost 10 thousand artillery, and 1.5 million other depleted uranium ammunition. And that’s not counting air strikes. Experts still cannot come to a consensus about what amount of radioactive substances in reality was thrown to the middle East during operation “desert Storm”. Radioactive contamination of certain areas BV is already on a large scale was repeated in 2003. during the operation Iraqi freedom us army and air force, in total, used no less than 15 thousand artillery (including tank) rounds, and nearly two million other depleted uranium ammunition.

On the methods of accomplish the task for a long time did not say out loud, however, as in the case of Yugoslavia, followed by the use of munitions began to be recorded numerous cases of cancer, and the birth of children with genetic mutations, which earlier this area was not observed. As in Yugoslavia, with depleted uranium ammunition the us military is “processed” all scheduled for the destruction of the facilities from government buildings to the runways.

To Protect Syria


By and large, the consent of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to call for Syrian leader Assad to help defeat terrorists saved the whole country. And not just from fanatics eager to have their own state with the medieval orders from sea to sea, but from huge ecological catastrophe. And although history does not like the subjunctive mood, not even imagine the flour would fall out the share of the civilian population, had the us military to “fight” against ISIS as usual.


However, limited damage to depleted uranium munitions the us air force in Syria still caused. During the two raids against is militants in Syria in 2015, the American a-10 attack aircraft in total fired at targets more than five thousand 30-mm depleted uranium munitions .


Harm from the use of even small amounts of such munitions has long been proven, but the U.S. military side effects don’t seem interested. Pay attention to the objects against which the American attack aircraft used toxic ammunition. Unlike the air space of Iraq, from which the A-10 “ironed” buildings and clusters of military equipment, to air strikes in the province the province of Deir ez-Zor in Syria under the trucks of fighters, even from afar does not look like armor. Irrational in force and the number of the use of aircraft leads many experts to raise the issue again about whether it was appropriate to use such ammunition for destruction or disruption of infrastructure.

In this sense, the us military would be nice to learn from Russian colleagues – the usual ammunition of the Russian VKS solve the same tasks, and are not subjected to the pollution of the environment. Experts note that the issue of the use of such munitions by American forces sooner or later have to be brought up for discussion, because the actual harm from these air strikes far exceeds all of the stated results.

Author: Dmitry Yurov

Photo: ‘erbin News / Globallookpress,