The Kremlin distanced itself from the accusations Glazyev address Steinmeier

Dmitry Peskov

Russian President Vladimir Putin shares the opinion of his Advisor, Sergei Glazyev, who called Frank-Walter Steinmeier “complicit in the Nazi putsch in Kiev.” On Friday, February 17, said the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“Such messages in Twitter are nothing more than an expression of a personal point of view, it is highly controversial” — he said, commenting on the entry Glazyev in the social network.

Peskov also said that Putin congratulated Steinmeier in connection with the inauguration of the President of Germany. “I sent him a telegram, quite warm,” he added.

A day earlier Glazyev commented on the election Steinmeier in his Twitter. “The German Parliament, was elected President of accomplice of the Nazi putsch in Kiev, which assisted legitimize this neo-fascist regime,” he wrote.

However, the evening of 17 February, the Glazyev’s page in the social network was unavailable.

On 12 February, the delegates of the Federal Assembly of Germany Steinmeier was elected President of the country. His candidacy was supported, 931 (election required 631 voice).

On the same day, the Russian President sent him a congratulatory telegram. Putin expressed his interest in continuing a constructive dialogue on topical issues of bilateral and international agenda and invited Steinmeier to visit Russia at any convenient time.

In February 2014, Steinmeier, who was then foreign Minister of Germany, was one of the guarantors of the signing of the agreement on settlement of political crisis in Ukraine between President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders.