Russian badminton players for the first time in history reached the finals of the mixed teams

Russian badminton players Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov Russian badminton players, winning four matches for the national team of England (3:1), for the first time in history reached the final the European championship among mixed teams, which this week takes place in Lubin (Poland). About it the correspondent “”. The first point to the Russian team brought mixed doubles by Vladimir Ivanov/Ekaterina Bolotova, appeared stronger family Duo Chris and Gabrielle Adcock — 23:21, 23:21. As noted after the match, head coach Klavdia Mayorova the Russians, the British were unable to “withstand the pressure of an opponent”. “They are in the world top ten, but we knew their psychological characteristics, and this took our couple. Of course, we made mistakes too, but sometimes did and wonders,” said Mayorov. In the women’s singles Eugene Kosecka in three games broke the resistance of the Chloe birch— 21:16, 13:21, 21:12. Could a Russian woman

Poroshenko said Russia’s decision to recognize documents of residents of Donbass

Petro Poroshenko The decision of the Russian government on the recognition of documents issued in certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions violates international law, says the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. His words leads to “Interfax”. “For me it is another proof of Russia’s violations of international law”, — said the head of state after negotiations with the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence on the sidelines of the Munich security conference. Poroshenko added that he had informed Pence about this step of Moscow. Meanwhile, the head of the breakaway DNR and LC thanked the leadership of Russia. “This is another proof that the Republic became the state”, — said the leader of the Luhansk national Republic Igor Carpentry. The decree, operative to recognize Russia’s documents issued to citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons permanently residing on the territories of separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, was

The F-15 intercepted the plane near the residence of the trump

Command aerospace defense North America (NORAD) deployed two F-15 fighter aircraft to intercept aircraft flying near the winter residence of the US President Donald trump’s Mar-a-Lago in palm beach, Florida. It is reported by Fox News on Saturday, February 18. It is noted that the pilot of the aircraft did not respond to the requests of the Manager. “The purpose of military interception — to force the bogey to reconnect with the local managers of the Federal office of civil aviation and force the pilot to follow their instructions for making a safe landing and further action” — said in a NORAD statement. During the interception for which the jets scored a supersonic speed, was able to establish contact with the aircraft. Earlier, on 18 February it was reported that a car from the motorcade of President of trump in Florida “hit some object”. Law enforcement bodies assume that the

A dozen dogs attacked master: video

In a Network there was a very nice video of the “attack” of ten puppies and their owners in the garden house. Footage was posted to Facebook dog owners. You can see how the lady of the house opens the gate and to her husband rushing puppies.   They fins him and lick the face of the beloved master. Users noted that he probably had a heart attack from how cute his Pets. Video: Golden Retriever / facebook

US Democrats are protected from attacks by “Russian hackers” before the party elections

Before the election of head of the national Committee of the US Democratic party, which will take place on 23 February, special attention was paid to cyber security.   According to one senior member of the Committee, the staff prefer not to use email, and all important things to discuss in person or over the phone.   Candidates believe that the state must be an expert on cyber security, as otherwise, “the Question will be, spend a minute to send mail, or take the chance that the President will trump”, – quotes RIA Novosti reported with reference to the publication Politico the words of the head branch of the Democratic party in South Carolina Jamie Harrison.   Earlier, FBI, CIA and NSA suspected Russian pension system in financing the attacks. American intelligence agencies believe that Russia is allegedly funded the hackers and their intermediaries through payments to Russian pensioners living

The expert explained what it means the recognition by Russia of documents of the DNI and LC

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on Russia’s recognition of the documents issued by the Ukrainian citizens and people without citizenship who live on the territory of the DNI and LC.   As explained in the radio “Zvezda”, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov, this decision will allow the citizens of the DNI and LC free fall in Russia, as well as the rest of the residents of Ukraine.   “Ukraine does not currently produce any documents to the citizens who live in the DNI and LC. Now people are looking the term of an exchange of passports and driver’s license, a new generation. They can remain in General without documents. Thus, we also check them limited, because they have all the documents expired. And in the case of the recognition they can get into Russia as the people

The head of Ingushetia has explained to Maidan revenge for a successful Olympics in Sochi

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov Western countries initiated a coup in Ukraine to hurt Russia on the successful hosting of the winter Olympic games in Sochi. This opinion on Friday, February 17, was expressed by the head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, RIA Novosti reported. “They didn’t think that coming all out of control. They wanted the world press to distract from the Olympics. Came up with the Maidan, they didn’t know who they gave up that role of management in hands”, — said Yevkurov. Further, in his opinion, Western politicians had to go on about the new Kiev authorities. “Today we got what we got”, — said the head of the Republic. At the same time, in his opinion, needs to get rid of the habit of looking to Europe and the United States when making decisions. Yevkurov also unfortunately indicated that all the actions of the West are perceived as relevant global

Former Ryazan Governor agreed to help the successor

Oleg Kovalev The former Governor of Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev will be the adviser of the acting head of the region Nikolai Lyubimov. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” Lyubimov said on Friday, February 17, reports TASS. “Yes, Oleg Ivanovich agreed, and I thank him for that,” said the new head of the Ryazan region. He expressed the hope that Kovalev will help him “get into the swing of things very well.” In an interview with Lyubimov also said that in the next two weeks to get acquainted with the situation and the political environment, and then will travel around the region. “After 100 days you have to put forward a programme of changes, to provide socio-economic programmes aimed at addressing long-term challenges”, — quotes the acting Governor of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda — Ryazan”. On 15 February it was reported that Lyubimov invited the former Governor of

Peskov explained Zakharchenko’s statement on the Donbass tense emotional background

Alexander Zakharchenko The statements of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko on the possibility of the seizure of the territory of Donbass by military means made emotional tensions in the region provoked by Kiev. This opinion was expressed by the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, his words on Friday, February 17, leads the correspondent of”.ru”. He stressed that this position is not in line with the Minsk agreements. “On the other hand, this is probably, unfortunately, the emotional background that accompanies tension that we see now on the line of separation and which arose after the provocative and aggressive actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, separate units, which (…) are controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces and continuing shelling peaceful settlements in Donbas,” — said the press Secretary of the Russian leader. Peskov added that Russia as a country-guarantor of the Minsk agreements will continue to do all it

In Belgium the number of victims of the derailment increased

In Belgium the number of victims of the derailment increased BRUSSELS, 18 Feb — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. The number of victims of the derailment of a passenger train derailed in Belgium has risen to 27 people, three of them seriously injured, reported the electronic version of the newspaper Libre Belgique. The train of three wagons derailed at the exit station of Leuven in Central Belgium. One person was killed, was initially reported 20-25 wounded. According to the channel VRT, the victim was not a passenger train. Train déraille près de la gare de Louvain : il y aurait des blessés — (@ladh) February 18, 2017 The accident resulted in train movement in different directions is suspended. The causes of the incident are established. Déraillement à Louvain: La victime n’a pas encore été évacuée et n’était pas dans le … — (@lalibrebe) February 18,