US Democrats are protected from attacks by “Russian hackers” before the party elections

Before the election of head of the national Committee of the US Democratic party, which will take place on 23 February, special attention was paid to cyber security.


According to one senior member of the Committee, the staff prefer not to use email, and all important things to discuss in person or over the phone.


Candidates believe that the state must be an expert on cyber security, as otherwise, “the Question will be, spend a minute to send mail, or take the chance that the President will trump”, – quotes RIA Novosti reported with reference to the publication Politico the words of the head branch of the Democratic party in South Carolina Jamie Harrison.


Earlier, FBI, CIA and NSA suspected Russian pension system in financing the attacks. American intelligence agencies believe that Russia is allegedly funded the hackers and their intermediaries through payments to Russian pensioners living in the USA, which then passed the funds to the perpetrators of cyber attacks.

Photo: Thomas Jentzsch / Globallookpress