Merkel stated the failure of the West to improve relations with Russia

Angela Merkel

The international community after the cold war failed to establish cooperation with Russia, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She announced this at the Munich conference on security issues, reports on Saturday, February 18, TASS.

“We have no clear international order, there is still no stable relations with Russia”, — the politician said in his speech.

Merkel assured that he would work tirelessly to establish relations with Moscow, despite the fact that her position is at odds on several issues with the authorities of the Western countries. The Chancellor has said that Russia is “our neighbor is an external border for the EU.”

In addition, the politician expressed the view that the fundamental act of NATO — Russia on mutual relations and cooperation need to remain in force, despite the difficult times. Merkel also stressed that Moscow and the West have common interests in combating terrorism, particularly radical Islamists. The Chancellor added that in this sphere the parties will continue cooperation.

Speaking about the situation in Ukraine, she noticed that not all items of the Minsk agreements implemented. Merkel urged to establish a full ceasefire in the Donbass.

In December 2016, the German politician called for a review of the approach to the relations between Russia and NATO. Merkel explained that this is necessary because the world has become less stable and secure.